Oh Happy Days-let the unpacking begin!

The call just came in....

The boat has sailed from sea to shining sea

New Zealand to United Kingdom

our belongings have arrived

The unpacking can begin

Connor and Tika

Oh Happy Days!

Images 1-3 Google
Images 4-6 taken by me


  1. How nice it must be to be reunited with your things, and they sure did a good job of the wrapping.

  2. Jeanne - wonderful! You can start feeling as if you are at home rather than on holiday...keeping my fingers crossed that everything looks the same as it did when it went into the boxes and sending you lots of good energy for the task ahead! Happy days....Susie x

  3. Dear Jeanne,
    Oh how happy you must be. I can't imagine what it must be like to move to another country and then have to wait ages for your personal things that make your house feel like home.
    Trouble is, there is now all the hard work of the unpacking and deciding where to put everything !!!!
    Just open a bottle and everything will be O.K. !! XXXX

  4. Thanks You! I like Jackie's idea...I may have to make that more than one bottle :)

  5. Jeanne, thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog. I am honoured, to be an inspiring friend, I find all three of your blogs wonderful.

    So glad you will now be surrounded by your own possessions, unpacking the boxes should be fun, with a couple of bottles of something nice, especially when you come across cherished objects.

  6. Hooray! It is a happy day - just look at that last photo! How nice it must be to have your things back, it must be like getting surprise after delightful surprise. Hope you get to take a break in the midst of unpacking!


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