Imagine a Room for ~Arts and Crafts~

Imagine a room where you could create to your hearts content 
and never have to pack up or put away. Each day you would have the ability 
to come and go as you please, stopping in to create when the spirit moves you. 
My files are ready. Here are few ideas that I have in mind....
be sure to check out the sites noted under each image for great reading!

From Craft

Jeanne's check list:
Large flat surface table
Good lighting
Ergonomic work chair
Assorted coloured paper
Various tip coloured markers
Pencils and charcoal
Glue gun
Acrylic and oil paints
Selection of paint brushes
Various size canvas's
Large jar of  Gesso
Blades for cutting
Cutting board
Bookshelves for reference materials and journals
Big comfy chair next to book case
Lots of baskets for assorted supplies
Storage for cameras and accessories
Large custom made bulletin board for idea sheets
Sewing machine
Needle point patterns and materials
Ipod with a great selection of music
My label maker!
I am sure I forgot quite a bit but that should keep me busy for a while. 
What would you put in your room?

PS.. I think I should add this chair and bookcase to the room too.
And while we are at it...Ange @ Chair Up suggested a staple gun which led me to thinking of baskets of fabric and a stool or two from the bric a brac shop for a bit of reupholstery. I was also thinking of a bigger chest to go next to this chair for a cup of tea by day and glass of wine by night...

More great suggestions:
Michelloui@mid-atlantic english -'large windows, computer and great speakers
Ange@signed by ange- 'cola pens and abraxas ink'

more creative inspiration:

Images as noted above
Bottom photo from Timesonline


  1. Even the least talented person in the world would be able to create something wonderful in these fabulous rooms! Leigh

  2. What I wouldn't give for any one of these marvelous rooms!!! (although mine would rarely look that organised I'm sure.)
    I would have everything on your list Jeanne, but would add my staple gun.
    Great post today!

  3. Oh wow! These rooms are mouthwatering! I cant choose between them, I like the check list. I'd also make sure I had a large window and a computer as I get so much inspiration from the internet. And decent speakers, for the playlist on the computer.

  4. Oh dear - I'm not sure if I should cry or wipe up the drool. Sigh. Sigh. SIGH. So sick of my dining room table. Ok - there's the outside one when it's more than 15 ° outside. MY winter is becoming long. Your list sounds great to me ... just need a cola pen or two and some extra abraxas ink and we're set ;-)

  5. I guess you would have to be lucky to have enough rooms in your house to have one purely for crafting.I think that, if it was your business though, it would be worth it. I have a study so that could be changed into a craft room and the ones you have shown have been organised so well. XXXX

  6. Oh Jeanne, I love the concept of a craft room. I'm absolutely hopeless at anything arts and craft, but I don't think that should stop me. I would also add a bar fridge! Meredy xo.
    p.s. I LOVE that chair at the end.

  7. My talent for anything creative extends only to the kitchen but seeing these, I yearn to have more strings to my artistic bow! Susie x

  8. Hi there again, great idea, great fun! Good luck with your project, cant wait to se it finished we all eed creative space! Sharon (UK) XX

  9. I love them! Especially that very last shot! I promise myself that when the children are older, their playroom is mine! Did you ever see the Martha Stewart craft room that she did on her cover a year or so ago? heaven!

  10. I would love to have that room. I have to be honest when I start painting every thing is a mess. I do organize just before a show.


  11. Lovely images of rooms to create in. Maybe if I had something half as pretty as any of them, I would be more productive.

  12. These rooms are perfect but I guess that it would not be possible for me to keep as clean as they look in the pictures

  13. I love the two rooms from Deb's country crafts- the turquoise and lime green walls, respectively, are great backgrounds for the red and other bright colors- I guess that's my style- so thanks for helping define! I'm trying to find a space to claim for this purpose in our home!

  14. my daughter would love this she dreams of having a scrapbooking room

  15. Such great pictures! I *have* a craft room, but it's also the den, guest room, music storage room, and ironing room. Not nearly as pretty as these :)

  16. Fun rooms, just so inspiring to see all the different and creative ways in which people organise themselves.

  17. Saw this post on The Inspired Room. I love roundups like these, they make me anxious to get my other projects done so I can start on the basement craft room!

    One thing--the blue room attributed to Deb's Country Crafts is actually from Crafty Intentions. Megan has done tons of work on her house, you should check out her Flickr page for more rooms.

    The craft room:

    Her Flickr page:


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