Flowers From Jane

Flowers on Tuesday...for you!
I came across a super florist
who has the most wonderful bouquets
with names just as delightful.

 ~Lilac Heaven~

~Little Boy Baby Blue~

~Country Walk~

~Pink Rose Sorbet~

~Glorious Garden~

The woman behind the name

Jane Packer
32-34 New Cavendish Street

Images from Jane Packer Delivered 


  1. Jeanne, today I wanted to write a post about flowers and bouquets and you did it ! These arrangements look beautiful.

  2. Lovely lovely arrangements, and a conspicuous absence of the greenery that drowns out so many bouquets. Very nicely done.

  3. So which one is for me dear Jeanne?

    Your perspective on different things are so lovely. It is almost cheery-picked for us.

    I am glad that I came across your cozy little place.

    Joy always,

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    I love Jane Packer. I had something from her once (once being the operative word !!) and there was one of her cards inside. I still have that card on my noticeboard !
    My favourite is the first one of the tulips. DIVINE.
    Hope that the unpacking is going well. XXXX

  5. Gorgeous! A spot of color in the middle of another snowy day in New York! Just what I needed today.

  6. These bouquets are simply enchanting, Jeanne. I particularly love the first one as it is so spring inspired.

  7. Oh, her flowers are just gorgeous aren't they, I love the first one. I remember when I first got engaged, I went to a bridal event with my mother at Libertys in Regent Street and Jane Packer was there doing the various different wedding arrangements....she was just lovely!

    Thank you so much for my award and mention....I am very flattered, you are so kind to think of me! I really appreciate the wonderful comments you leave on my blog, you always make me smile!

    I went to Hampton Court last week to visit a friend and thought of you :)

    Happy half-term!


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