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Sometimes I sit with fashion magazines in frustration. Searching for something that makes me stop. You often hear and I think many will agree, that it gets harder and harder to relate to some of the fashion spreads in magazines as you get older. All beautiful, but realistic? For some, yes, but for moi, non!
I have found a few that I consider 'file worthy'.  I have scribbled the name of the designer on some...just in case :)

Robin Wright Penn because it all looks so easy. 
A white blouse, a skirt, a belt and a great bag.

It's all in the detail...the hat, then necklace and the exquisite detail in the blouse. 
Hair simple and loose....

No, I am not after the vampish look.
I just love the cape!
I saw someone wearing it in London and it was gorgeous...

A beautiful Burberry trench on the ever so lovely Emma Watson
and a beautiful camo dress by Stella McCartney

Love the motor bike and the relaxed 
'I'm just me' look.
Glasses are very cool!

Love the colour, the neckline and the pattern.
Just pretty.

Not for me but gorgeous photos...that hat is wonderful!

I think this is as close as I will get to the above
but it is fun to dream!

All clean, simple colours and lines with a dash of pink.
I guess that is to be expected for an earth sign.
Virgo :)

How about you, what do you fancy these days?

Image 1 Gerard Darel
Image 2 Malene Birger
Image 3 Christopher Kane
Image 4 Chloe
Image 5 Burberry
Image 6 Stella Mccartney
Image 7  Joseph, DKNY
Image 8 Etro
Images 9 and 10 Chanel
Image 11 Toast

Country and Town House


  1. A Virgo as well, like to feel all pulled together, comfortably though!!

    Giveaway by Beth Cosner Design is up on my site....come visit!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love that necklace and the lace blouse - both gorgeous. I find some fashion spreads more like show cases than styles you could actually wear. Great to look at but would never appear in most wardrobes.

  3. I love the relaxed look of these. So easy yet somehow planned out in the best possible way. I love a touch of a blue blouse-a collar up {yes, I'm sorry - but I do love it}-a great hat-like the one I first saw you wearing. Ahhh it's all coming together.

  4. Great images you have brought together here Jeanne... I love the image number 7 - my kind of dressing (quite like the motorbike too!) x

  5. I think your choices are brilliant. I agree it is really hard with fashion you want nice detail and proper tailoring but you can't wear 21 year old fashion. I do like Gerald Darel but we don't get much of him in Australia. Also Stella but she is pretty $$$ xoxo

  6. I love all the looks you pulled together Jeanne, really relaxed and stylish.

    And i just love Red magazine! I bought a copy of it months back when we were on holiday at the beach, and have been buying it ever since when i come across it in a store. it's great!

    hope the weekend's been fun : )


  7. Hi Jeanne
    Well as you know now.. haha Taurean.. and another earth sign.. I really like the relaxed look of some of these.. in my younger days I preferred tailored.. suit styles.. but now i find it too restrictive...

    You know I remember my mum made herself a cape.. and we all cringed and said 'oh mum you can't wear that with us'... looking back I wish I had it now. that was the 40's influence.. so stylish..

    Have a lovely weekend xxx Julie

  8. I just wish I looked like Robin W-P, anything that girl does or wears looks fantastic. I rate her as one of the most beautiful and under-exposed actresses around.

  9. Ah jeanne, enjoying catching up after a week hiding from my computer...There are a few in there I like too! I dunno though - you're probably selling yourself short. GO THE VAMP!! ;-)

  10. i am drooling over that motorbike! that is on my wish list!!


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