Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Garden to Love

This house is for sale...no, it is not mine! 
I was drawn to the garden. It must look spectacular from the house.
Imagine the fun you could have creating a garden like that. 
Imagine the flowers and herbs you could fill your house with!
Looks like the sort of garden that dreams are made of.


  1. I can only imagine. My team of gardeners arriving each morning...{I was once a gardener on an estate...for 7 years!} strolling along-appreciating their fine work, offering fresh squeezed lemonade- ahhhhh- what a lovely moment that was!

  2. Beautiful garden, such a magnificent, versatile space, how I would love on like it :)

  3. I could imagine myself running barefoot down the pretty green path!

  4. A little slice of heaven...btw I have ordered the DVD 'Somethings Gotta Give' - you are a good influence on me Jeanne! L x

  5. Gorgeous! I would definitely need live in gardeners for this one.


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