Just a Smile

Is there anything better than the feel and sound of laughter?
Whether it is between the ones you love or just a smile 
from a passing stranger...
It can make all the difference in a day :)


  1. My husband just made me laugh a few minutes ago. My side is still sore.

  2. You're right Jeanne, at the big and small moments in our lives a smile is powerful. With strangers yes, but also in the family a secret smile shared only with one of your children, or just with your husband.
    My second daughter (third child) has read that laughter is good medicine and makes a conscious effort to spread smiles around her. How cool is that?!

  3. I love laughter and smiles! If someone smiles at us- how can we not want to smile right back? It takes so much more effort to look cranky and appear negative!
    Smiles and hugs all around!

  4. You're so right, Jeanne. If I'm having a rough moment and I hear laughter, the tension drains. Laughter is music to the ears.

  5. No, there is nothing better!

  6. Sorry that I've been AWOL for a while, Jeanne. Computer trouble that's still not right !!
    Modern technology is great....when it works !!
    I laugh so much that I think people think that I'm a bit barmy ! Haha...see, I'm laughing now. Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine and that, if you laugh a lot, you live longer. I believe that too so I make it my mission to laugh everyday. XXXX

  7. Nope, nothing better than a good old belly chuckle! K xx

  8. Oh yes, I agree. I love laughing. My mother-in-law thinks I do too much of it, though.

  9. Nothing better for the soul! Have a great weekend!


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