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Thank you to the lovely Sharon @ My French Country Home 
for the Happy 101 Award she so thoughtfully bestowed upon me.
To me, awards are the highest compliment 
and I am just 'tickled pink' when I get the nod:)

Before I move on, there is something you should know about Sharon.
She is one talented woman. British born and married to a Frenchman, she calls Normandy home along with her four children, three horses and lovely dog. She has a beautiful french country home and it is always a joy to visit her blog and peep into her daily life. What I just discovered and am remiss at not having noticed before is that she has a lovely Country Guest Cottage on her property. It looks enchanting! It is small, cozy and welcoming, everything a cottage should be. Step in and look around by following the link posted under the photo.

Now...back to the business at hand.

What makes me happy ?
the kind of happy that gets the foot tapping
the hips swaying
the arms waving and makes you want to do 
a little slidestep to the left and slidestep to the right. 
I call it a Diane Keaton moment. 
There is a scene in Something's Gotta Give
towards the end of her crying scene, 
where she shimmies in her chair 
with excitement over what she is writing. 
That feeling is a what a happiness moment feels like to me. 

 Any one of the following will rise a slidestep out of me

My family all together, under one roof 
There is nothing better!

Spending time with friends


Delights of Home:
Fresh cut grass
Flowers in bloom
Birds singing
and a  comfortable 
chair to take it all in

A meal that comes out just as I planned
(this does not happen often!)

Anticipation of the next chapter of a good book

When ideas and words come together

Pushing the PUBLISH POST button on my blog

Receiving blogging comments

After a long journey, enjoying the moment you have been waiting for

Walking and discovering life

Music that makes me want to dance

So, all these are just some of things that make me smile. 
I cheated a bit and gave you twelve, the rule says 10 
but what is life if you don't live a little?

The next step is to pass on the award to five friends who keep me smiling.

For those of you who know me, you will know that it is easier said then done.
I have created very long posts to include one and all in the past
but today
I would like to do something a little different (again)
 and pass it on to five people who made me smile today.


Debra @ Lifescape who greeted me this morning with her B-Well Report post. 
My health thanks her too!

Kittie @ The Block who sent me two thoughtful notes and is a dear sweet person for doing so.

Cheryl @ not even close to empty for leaving her first comment and allowing me to enjoy her blog.

Kerry @ A Tranquil Townhouse who is celebrating 120 readers to her blog and announced her first Giveaway

Louise @ Lou Boo who made paid me the highest compliment a few days ago which still has me smiling.  She said 'You are like the big sister I never had'.

Thank you all for contributing to my Happiness Moments today !

and one more thing....

PS..in case you are wondering, yes, I probably did create a word up there...
'slidestep' just sounds good to me, it's a woman's prerogative!


  1. Yeh for you, you deserve this award! I love your list especially the anticipation of the next chapter of a good book and your pushing your publish post button. I enjoy that one too! I always hold my breath at the same time I push post!

  2. Jeanne thank you so much. I'm at home in bed with a bad cold today (and my laptop) so your post certainly made me a lot happier than I was! If I could work out how to do a slidestep in bed I would! I'm sure you know by now how much I love your blog...the things you say...how you say them...the care and the thought that goes into each and every one. I wouldn't miss a word...so thank you again xx

  3. hi there...just stopped by your blog for the first time...your blog name pulled me in and when i both read and saw the photos from somethings gotta give...i was hooked...that movie made a mark on me, i tell you what....i am off now to look at some of your previous entries...

    nice to meet you!

  4. What a fun post. I'm off to visit My French Country Home, which sound divine! Your list has many things on it that would make me do the "slidestep" too! xo Lidy

  5. Dearest Jeanne
    Congratulations on another well deserved award.. You certainly keeps us entertained over here with your fabulous post and gorgeous imagery.. .... Not to mention your generosity to your blog pals.. I'm always thrilled to see your name pop up in my comments..

    I love what you wrote about Sharon.. She's one lovely blogger .. Now I just wish I could go stay in her cottage.. that would be divine!!

    Once again congrats.. and love your new word slidestep.. I know that scene and know just what you mean... Have a beautiful day.. xxx Julie

    Can't remember if i said Happy Mothers Day?... So Happy belated Mothers Day..

  6. I LOVE this movie. I cannot remember how many times I've watched it, but I never tire of it.

    Some lovely things that make you happy. Have a great day.

  7. Happy Moment = Reading your blog!

  8. Jeanne...how lovely for you to mention me - and the award - that one's a first for me so thank you! You are like a big sister; your advice is invaluable!

    So on your list - the most poignant for me is having all my family under one roof! I so agree! Nothing better. I love that you appreciate the real and simple things in life - a good book, a pretty garden, a well-turned-out meal (I am sure they are all very good in your house!).

    Thanks again and have a good day :-) Louise x

  9. Dear Jeanne, I think you go beyond kind here. Thank you very much for saying such lovely things about me and for mentioning our cottage.

    I also adore that film, great story, fantastic acting and the house isn't too bad either.

    Have a lovely day

  10. Hi Rebecca

    Just want to say how nice it was to hear from you. I just had a look at your wonderful blog. You have a beautiful writing voice and a clever eye with the camera!
    I laughed thru your last post as your day sounded like mine and I really loved your photos of your bike. I have written a few posts on the same as I just purchased a new bike and the blogging world has heard all about it!

    I look forward to following yours....

    Jeanne :)

  11. Jeanne~ Once again you have put roses in my cheeks! I am running dreadfully behind here- but want to send you a big hug for including me on this Happy Award!
    I think between the two of us, we could easily repeat the dialogue to this movie word for word.
    You are such an important part of my day both here and over at B-Well. You are a dear.

  12. What a sweet surprise!
    Thank you!
    I put a link to your blog in my post today.
    I wrote my list of ten things that make me happy!
    One is making friends and having friends and you are now one of my new friends!
    : )

  13. Dear Jeanne,
    Well done on your 101 Happy Award. This is such a lovely award as, being happy and laughing as much as you can is the best thing in the world and I try to adhere to that message as much as I can !!
    You have such a lovely list of things that make you happy..... I think that, staying in that picturesque French cottage would make me REALLY happy !!!! haha. XXXX

  14. I really LOVED reading this Jeanne....and if you don't mind me saying so, none of it surprised me....you are just as I imagined...how reassuring!! What a wonderful list.

    I love Diane Keaton in that movie, she and Jack Nicholson are wonderful together.

    Louise and I were talking just the other day about how wise you were :)

    Have a lovely day :)

  15. Hi! Well, all I can say is "WOW WOW WOW"!!! LOVE your blog! I have just discovered you by chance and really enjoyed the read! You are now one of my favs!! Best wishes, Michallee (Treasures from Moira's Armoire) xx

  16. I love your blog! It is great, and I am so glad I found it. I can't wait to keep reading. (I loved this movie by the way).


  17. Dear Jeanne:

    Congrats on the award and I absolutely liked to read through your favourites. Some of them are mine as well.

    Happiness, sunshine and joy always,

  18. Congratulations, Jeanne, on your award. I enjoyed your list so much! I would love to go and stay at that darling cottage! It looks like something out of a story. Thanks also for visiting my blog. I am so excited to have a "British" friend!


  19. I came from Kerry's blog! Congratulations on your award! I enjoyed this post and learning a bit about you. I identify with pushing the Publish Post button, I always feel my heart skip a beat! Looking at your profile I was astounded at the number of movies you have seen. Then I was surprised that I had seen most of the same as well! lol!

    I'm off to visit Sharons guest cottage. It looks like it belongs in a fairy tale!! So glad I stopped by! :-)


  20. Congratulations, Jeanne! You are lovely, you know? And I have been so bad in not writing a post about my awards, particularly as one beautiful one is from you. But I will. Soon. Love and hugs to you, you fabulous friend!

  21. Hey there, I'm just blog-hopping over from Meredy @ Count it all Joy! I'm just about to hop on over to visit your friend Sharon as I too am a Brit married to a Frenchman, but we live in Australia!

    Love your happiness list, so many of those on mine too!

  22. Hi - I just popped back to check what I needed to do for the award - I am such a novice - anyway I now have to confess to you Jeanne. I have never seen Somethings Gotta Give. I know. How is this possible? I clearly have been living in a bubble. I will order it straight away so I can get 'with it'. :-)

  23. Oh Jeanne - I turned up my speakers for this one and did a little slidestep myself just at how nice it is to get to know you even better and relish what a wonderful little world this blogging world really is. So nice to be back too after the storms and the weekend out of the house!

    I must see that film now - I must!!

  24. Jeanne darling congratulations on your much deserved award. Your blog is always bursting at the seams with creativity, colour and beauty. Luv do repeat the twelve eloquently written life's pleasures you mentioned on this post on daily basis, life is too precious not to.

    Love & Hugs

  25. My favourite part in the movie too! Its the feeling I get when I look down at a piece I've been carving and realize I've transferred the idea in my head to the wood.

  26. Here's to slidestepping! I felt like doing a few myself while listening to the Sugababes there. As comments make you smile - here is another!


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