Wordless Wednesday

This is my first Wordless Wednesday 
and I have to admit it will be my last!

I have changed the pictures several times 
and feel like I have lost the plot.

Maybe I am not the wordless type?

Any hoo, still feeling sentimental.

Thinking of Joni and life at the time 
in my little corner of the world.

I started here....


  1. Such a wonderful summer photograph, delightfully uplifting.

  2. Hi Jeanne,
    love the vintage beach shot! Have you noticed how men don't get Joni Mitchell? Not here at least. Toute une époque!

  3. Hi Jeanne. It's your thoughts and your words that inspire us the most. Please keep them coming...and pictures too by all means!

  4. I love Sharon's remark about men not getting Joni. I adore her and have since early high school. Whenever I put on one of her CD's I get a major eye-roll. You are stunning. Email coming in later.

  5. i love joni, and that is one of my fave songs!

    i always love that emma thompson's character in love actually is into joni.

    all pictures are inspiration, especially here!

  6. Jeanne, I have to echo Sharon, love the vintage beach shot. Hearing Joni Mitchell on a dreary Wednesday was a treat! I really enjoyed this blog!!!

  7. Gorgeous, evocative shots. But I love your musings that go with the photos too, so I'm with Kerry! K xx

  8. Love Joni! Wonderful images, as well. Thanks for stopping by WM!

  9. Oh Jeanne
    One of my favourite songs!!! and that shot of you is gorgeous!! You do realise that you included quite a few words there!! haha.. I love your thoughts and bits of wisdom you provide with your posts.. .. they always get us thinking... have a lovely day... xxx Julie

  10. Joni Mitchell is a sound of childhood. My mom loved her and now I do too.


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