Seven Lovely Sisters

Seven Lovely Sisters
stretched along the sea
the depth of their beauty
is a wonder to me

From shining sea to country ramble

it was amazing to see

Here I sit, 
eight miles under my feet
the only thing 
I plan to do today...


Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Jeanne :)

Images ~ me


  1. One day I want to walk with you! What an amazing hike this must have been Jeanne. I'm pretty sure you'll have a great weekend. I imagine there will be a long ride, top down, hair blowing with the wind! Take photos!

  2. What a beautiful place. Your walk must have been wonderful! xx

  3. Hi Jeanne
    A bit late getting round the blogs lately.. Well these views are just amazing!!! so beautiful... the title made me think of the 12 apostles which I still haven't seen.. one day..!!

    So.. catching up on your posts!! woo hoo!! for the incredible surprise you received!! what a guy your dear husband is!! I think you will be enjoying that present for a long time to come.. Lucky you!!! xxx Julie

  4. Jeanne,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and to leave such a sweet comment!
    Now I am going to visit your blog!!

  5. Thank you Jeanne,I wish you a lovely weekend.Maybe in one of those stunning place....

  6. Hi Jeanne,
    i`ve been travelling thru beautiful East Sussex last year with my family. This amazing landscape is so romantic and I really love it. I can imagine how you feel walking through this wonderful part of England..... :)
    It is so different to our country and thats why so interesting for me.
    Thanks for sharing your impressions and I like your blog very much!

    I leave very warm greetings here from Bavaria/Germany!♥
    I hope my grammar is good enough.... Beate

  7. I can't imagine walking anywhere else. That is like a little slice of Heaven on Earth! Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. I adore the name, well anything with the name sisters added to it, immediately sounds like a walk in the park to me. I have 3 sisters and wow, would we love to do that trek.
    We go to Block Island and have lunch at a little spot called -"3 sisters" and the sandwiches are fun names like "twisted sister," - "hippie sister" - on and on.
    Great spot to trek to.
    Thanks again for the CD!!!

  9. I saw Chalk Garden with Deborah Kerr and Hayley Mills eons ago and was in awe of those cliffs back then...they are a wonder!
    You do have such a beautiful and varied landscape in the country...
    Enjoy the restful weekend.

  10. Ah, me. How beautiful.
    My favourite "sisters" are the Three Sisters in Glencoe. They take my breath away.

    And, as requested, here's my link....

  11. I love these photos and the walks you take us on! Enjoy your weekend, sweetie!

  12. What a beautiful place.Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice week-end

  13. I shall never tire of the magnificent splendour of the British countryside. I've never been to this particular location, but after marvelling at these wonderful photographs, I will definitely make it a priority to go.

  14. Dear Jeanne,
    thank you for your warm comment! I will try to install a translater on my blogsite, so you can read my (almost) daily inspirations and thoughts.... I like your view of things very much. I couldn`t send you a personal email, because I have to install something first and didn`t do it yet...but will do it soon!
    Have a very nice sunday :), Beate

  15. Hi Jeanne,

    These are beautiful photos, I can almost hear the waves and smell the sea air!

  16. jeanne....
    i have been catching up with my reading...
    you are an amazing talent... and this is truly special... xx pam

  17. this is so gorgeous....and there's nothing like a good dose of RandR after an excursion!
    well done, well deserved!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  18. Oh, Jeanne, what a beautiful walk, er, hike! I was with you every step of the way, soaking in the beauty. And hope you're enjoying those country rides, top down!

  19. Wow, what an inspiring place! It's been a pleasure to share this walk with you, Jeanne.

  20. Right - I was about to comment on the wonderful hike you did and then I noticed Julie's comment so I'm off to read about your surprise !! Looks soooo beautiful. Tomorrow I am out to get a good long bike ride in!


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