Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Loveliness

A little bit of loveliness this Monday morning.
Best wishes for a wonderful day!

Salisbury, Wiltshire


  1. Hello Jeanne- oh you were in my neck of the woods when you took these photographs! The wisteria is magnificent this year it seems - such lovely photographs - I have also included a photo showing wisteria in my post today...Have a really happy week. x

  2. I think wisteria is so beautiful. I tried to grow it at my former home but, no luck. I think our season is too short-or it's too cold. Your photography is amazing. Have a wonderful day Jeanne.

  3. So lovely! It is so nice to see signs of warmer weather over there! I hope you are enjoying every minute of it.

    Best wishes for a beautiful week,

  4. Oh that wisteria! I grow wisteria here at home, but the flowers are nowhere near as spectacular as these. Just gorgeous. K xx

  5. Hi - our wisteria have just burst forth - you have inspired me to go out and take some photos... L x

  6. Oh Jeanne,
    Some of the most beautiful images of wisteria that I have seen. Everywhere I go I see that the wisteria is bursting forth. Such a beautiful plant. Happy Monday to you, Jeanne. XXXX

  7. Such beautiful shots. I'd love to be sitting there right about now.

  8. Wow I love these photos
    Hay I just wanted to say that my photography blog is now being marked by the examiners for my As photography so I can't use that blog any more but I have started a new blog which you can see at

  9. such beautiful wisteria and clematis - is terrbily hard to find anything prettier than an english garden!

  10. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Oh the wisteria is gorgeous! I have the perfect book for that little bench! Thank you for coming by yesterday with your sweet comment.
    Happy Monday,

  11. I love wisteria, have none in my garden but admire it from afar...and the UK!
    I just read Semi Expat and she has blogged about wisteria and clematis too!

  12. The wisteria and your photographs are so lovely! What a way to start your Monday! Thanks Jeanne - and have a wonderful week!

  13. Wisteria! How very beautiful! Now I definitely want to visit Wiltshire again - in the spring, of course! Cassandra ♥

  14. Thank you Cassandra for your very kind comments!
    Both spots were equally beautiful.
    We also went to Stonehenge. It was amazing!
    I am saving that for a future post...stay tuned:)



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